Thursday, 21 March 2013

What's the Best way to deal with religion peddlers?

When I was in France, the family I stayed with would tell missionaries that they were practicing satanists. Though I'm not a big fan of missionaries, we usually  just nicely say, "Sorry not interested". Here is another take . . . more of a missionaries meets kiruv version . . . Not   sure if the conversation would qualify as Chillul Hashem or  Kiddush Hashem  . .


  P.S. I got the same flyer from the "JWs" last Monday.  And yes, this is what  Toronto looks like this spring. 

Hat tip: Heshy Fried


  1. Admittedly I also used to engage these kinds of people in conversation (for some reason I find it strangely intriguing). But I couldn't bear watching this video all the way through. The guy who took the video was utterly obnoxious, and said virtually nothing of substance. In my estimation, it's a product of yeshiva schooling (and parenting?) where cultural arrogance and elitism is allowed to flourish at the expense of basic derech eretz and human sensitivity.

    1. At the end of the video, his aunt - also very aggressive/abrasive, comes out, and basically insists that the missionary - who it turns out us halachically Jewish - check out Chabad. I had initially asked in my post whether this guy's response would be considered Chillul Hasham, or Kadosh Hashem for the same reason you had to stop watching.


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