Saturday, 6 April 2013

Some Diversion . . .
Last year I posted a video of Opera in Yiddish, and here is an incredible meeting of cultures with a Chassidic  remix with Yiddish rap of Nicki Manaj's Starships. Two things that I was surprised by from the video: 1) I thought listening to music like Nicki Menaj's (which one presumably would have to do in order to make a remix) was strictly verboten with the big furry hat and white knee-highs crowd. And 2) I was very surprised to hear Kol Isha in this context.

Also, I recently was directed to a new OTD blog that I'm enjoying, so for your reading pleasure, please visit: My Derech, On and Off..


  1. I would bet that whoever made the video is on the fringes of her community, if not actively looking to leave it.

  2. The same person has posted 9 videos, and seems to do Yiddish versions of pop songs for weddings in all of them.

  3. I would bet that this song was not played in the presence of men. Taking secular songs and covering them is not a new occurrence. It's been going on for years- mainstream Jewish singers have done it too.

    That a youngish chassidish girl is doing so is unusual, but I'm not terribly surprised that secular media has infiltrated even the immured community of chassidim.


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