Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Now these Dreads I Like . . .

Long overdue little post.

Had an AWESOME night a couple of weeks ago with my SIL at the Idan Raichel Project concert. On the personal side, we are very close (she even tolerates my talking smack about religion on this blog), and it was a luxury to have some uninterrupted time to talk. The concert was well attended, and the music right up my alley. It started a bit late, but I was enjoying myself in line as well. Waiting for an Israeli concert surrounded by the familiar-looking strangers speaking Hebrew, Russian, South African English etc., made me feel very Jewish, and right at home.

The concert was  the Inaugural event for Motek Cultural Initiative which is a fairly new Torontonian organization striving to use Israeli music/culture as a vehicle to display the side of Israel that the local media unfortunately generally ignores: the human, culturally rich, vibrant and dynamic side. MCI could not have picked a better group to embody their cause given the diversity of cultures and languages reflected in its performers and music (including the enormously talented Ravid Kahalani, who was in Riff Cohen's video that I posted here.) Other elements like the background visual and instrumentals - including a really innovative use of water and a bowl - were all also incredibly artfully done.  (And no - they didn't ask/pay me to write this).  It was a great show.  Anyway, for those not familiar with them, here's an interview with Idan Raichel and another video with one of my favorite songs. 


  1. >Motek Cultural Initiative

    Sorry, I think that's a funny name. But if it's Israeli, it's right up their alley.

    Idan Reichael is great. I used to get free tickets to his concerts in L.A.

    1. Yeah - he really is!! How did you score free tickets? So lucky!

  2. They are Israeli . . .It's started by an Israeli who moved here a few years ago.


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