Friday, 10 February 2012

What Do these Women Have in Common?


They're both wearing sheitels!

Here's the link to Part I of the show:

And they're going to be on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Looks like Oprah is doing a similar series to Tevye Heller's "Oh My God".

Feb 12 Update: The Failed Messiah has also written on this episode on his blog, and points to much controversy around the Haredi community that the Oprah show overlooked. (Note: I haven't watched the episode, so my comments are based on reviews and clips.) I personally found Oprah's singing of praises for the complete censorship of media obscenely hypocritical given that she is media, and the amount of personal wealth she has attained through television in particular. However, I do sympathize with the OWN network's predicament. It is notoriously difficult for media to gain access into insular communities, and even more so into insular community who are already extremely suspicious of popular media sources.  If  OWN gained access only to then publicly rip them apart, insular communities - like a sea anemone - would withdraw even more, and we would know even less about what goes on inside. I also think that there's no way OWN could even briefly mention the controversies FM points out (particularly the cover-up of child abuse cases) without those controversies overshadowing the whole show. So,  the OWN network had to make a decision as to whether to do a negative spin, or a positive spin. (Also, the Haredi community isn't uniform, so pointing out controversies in one sector, may unfairly reflect poorly on another.) Nevertheless, I do hope more savvy viewers can read between the lines and understand that, as in every community and way of life, there are ups and downs.

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