Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Question! About Hair Covering

A follow up question to the discussion that started here.

> A married woman must cover her hair because it’s considered “nakedness.” That is, for a married woman > to walk in the street with her hair uncovered is indecent.

Why is a married woman's publicly exposed hair indecent, but a wig OK (especially when, from what I've heard, the wig is often more attractive than the natural hair it has damaged)? Isn't it kinda like a woman wearing a T-shirt with a picture of breasts, or, more accurately, a shirt with a replica of breasts?

Anyway, while we're on the subject, here's an interview with an OJ woman discussing hair covering:


Update Jan 20 2012: I found a post on Ki Sarita that discusses this question here. The comments to the posts are also worth reading.


  1. An old question. The short answer is that modern wigs are far superior to their ancient counterparts.

    There are some Chassidic groups where the women son’t wear wigs, or will only wear a wig with a hat on top of it. Then there are the Lubavitchers, who hold that it is preferable to ONLY wear wigs.

  2. I'm interested in the rationale of those who wear wigs as to why they'd choose a wig vs. a cloth covering like a tichel or snood. To me, a wig - regardless of whether it's of good or bad quality - defeats the purpose of covering one's hair. Why cover nakedness with fake nakedness when there's clothing available.

  3. Agreed CL! Plus,it would be quite a boon to my online snood business

  4. LOL Stu . . .can I get a cut of the profits?

  5. > I'm interested in the rationale of those who wear wigs as to why they'd choose a wig vs. a cloth covering like a tichel or snood.

    Because the wig looks nicer. We’re talking about people here, not saints. For most people, it’s enough that wigs are halachicly permissible. Even if it occurs to them that it doesn’t really make sense, that doesn’t really matter.

  6. Sounds like the "Chelm" School of Reason.

  7. There is no good reason to uncover or cover your head...it has all to do with tradition and tradition usually has no reason other than you have to do it to be acceptable. It's like wearing or not wearing clothing.

  8. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that you should wear a wig instead of a snood to beautify the mitzvah - it's a commandment to cover your hair, and you're supposed to do commandments in a beautiful way. Seems odd to me.

    The whole thing seems like covering your body in a tight suit of clothing that looks like flesh.


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